Rain, Rain, Go Away!!

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s rained a lot lately. I always love the rain and welcome it, any day, any time, except for ‘picture time’. After one reschedule, I figured we had paid our dues to Mother Nature, and we would be set. Well, I figured wrong. The first fat rain drops landed on my windshield 3 minutes into my journey. I was devastated. I pulled up to our location, whipped out my phone and checked the forecast. It wasn’t much help considering there was a 20% chance of rain at that time, and I was 100% sure it was raining – – hard. Fast forward 20 minutes, the sun is shining, the rain has stopped, and we are in business! Jace and Tucker are gorgeous boys! I could photograph those blue eyes all day! ūüôā

Connor Byers – – The Youngest Brother

Where do I start?¬† Since day one, I knew he was special.¬† He looked so sweet in his yellow newborn gown.¬† Yes, Connor, you wore a gown.¬† He could scream the shrillest, piercing scream that would reach levels only dogs could hear.¬† That is, of course, until Norah Jones’ “Come Away With Me” was played.¬† A born leader and unique in every aspect, he has recently started his own blog.¬† And of course, he did what any 10 year old with great business sense would do, he came to his big sister for some head shots.¬† Having nothing planned, and a 3 year old niece crawling him the entire time, we did manage to get some great shots of Connor.¬† They’re a little on the serious side, per Connor’s request (what else would any budding Counter Terrorist Unit agent request?).¬† In case you want to make him really happy, and check out his blog, here’s the link http://connorbyers.wordpress.com/2013/07/10/post-1/¬†

Sweet Savannah

With her second birthday just around the corner, and taking into account just how much she’s changed since our last session, to say we were ready to for this session would be an understatement! Savannah is my niece, and I may be partial, but I think she is just completely adorable! I can honestly say that I’ve never had such a cooperative two year old in front of my lens. I’m serious, she was phenomenal! It’s always special to me to do sessions for my family. I am so, so passionate about capturing irreplaceable moments in photos. Things can change in the blink of an eye, and, to me, photos are something you just can’t put a price on. ūüôā

And They’re Off!

I was so happy the rain held off for me to meet these two cuties! I had checked my hourly forecast all day, and was pleasantly surprised when the impending rain was pushed back a few hours.   Being 2 years old and curious , they were on the go the entire session.  They gave me a mini-workout, but with sweet faces like theirs, it was worth it! 

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