Connor Byers – – The Youngest Brother

Where do I start?  Since day one, I knew he was special.  He looked so sweet in his yellow newborn gown.  Yes, Connor, you wore a gown.  He could scream the shrillest, piercing scream that would reach levels only dogs could hear.  That is, of course, until Norah Jones’ “Come Away With Me” was played.  A born leader and unique in every aspect, he has recently started his own blog.  And of course, he did what any 10 year old with great business sense would do, he came to his big sister for some head shots.  Having nothing planned, and a 3 year old niece crawling him the entire time, we did manage to get some great shots of Connor.  They’re a little on the serious side, per Connor’s request (what else would any budding Counter Terrorist Unit agent request?).  In case you want to make him really happy, and check out his blog, here’s the link 

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