Rain, Rain, Go Away!!

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s rained a lot lately. I always love the rain and welcome it, any day, any time, except for ‘picture time’. After one reschedule, I figured we had paid our dues to Mother Nature, and we would be set. Well, I figured wrong. The first fat rain drops landed on my windshield 3 minutes into my journey. I was devastated. I pulled up to our location, whipped out my phone and checked the forecast. It wasn’t much help considering there was a 20% chance of rain at that time, and I was 100% sure it was raining – – hard. Fast forward 20 minutes, the sun is shining, the rain has stopped, and we are in business! Jace and Tucker are gorgeous boys! I could photograph those blue eyes all day! 🙂

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Connor Byers – – The Youngest Brother