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Rutherfordton Photographer – Retro Vogue Session

Bryndle and Carleigh are back on the blog! This time we went for a retro vogue look. Some of the items we had hoped to incorporate couldn’t be found in stores for a reasonable price, but I think what we ended up with worked just fine! This was no easy task. Several long chats deciding the details, two different shoot days, and worst of all, cooperation of the kids (*cough*cough* Bryndle) meant we had to work for our results. I think it was all worth it though. What do you think? fb1fb2fb3fb4fb5fb6fb7fb8fb9fb10fb11fb12fb15fb16fb17fb18fb24fb25fb26fb27fb28fb29fb30fb31fb32fb33fb34fb35fb36fb37fb38fb39fb40fb41fb42fb43fb44fb45fb46fb47fb48fb49fb50fb51fb52fb53fb54fb55fb56fb57fb58fb59fb60fb61fb62fb63fb64fb65fb66fb67fb68fb69fb70fb71fb72fb73fb74fb75fb76fb77fb78fb79fb80fb81

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