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Rutherfordton Photographer – Drum Family

These kids were incredibly awesome. They could all be child models, seriously. I loved the white, pure, fresh vibe we had going. I shared more images than I normally do in a blog, but hey, it’s Monday, and I felt like mixing it up! Their mom creates beautiful barnyard quilts, and frequently hosts workshops. These things are so beautiful! I highly recommend contacting her to attend a workshop!  Just leave a comment on here, and I’m sure she’ll see it and get you set up! Anyway hope you all enjoy this share! 🙂 fb1fb2fb3fb4fb5fb6fb7fb8fb9fb10fb11fb12fb13fb14fb15fb16fb17fb18fb19fb20fb21fb22fb23fb24fb25fb26fb27fb28fb29fb30fb31fb32fb33fb34fb35fb36fb37fb38fb39fb40fb41fb42

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