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My Girl

Bryndle likes my studio.  Ok, that was a lie.  Bryndle loves my studio.  She always wants to go and take pictures of her and her “precious daughters” (her dolls).  Evidently these photos were meant to be.  She had a random bath mid-day, requested to have picture worthy clothing on, and I had to run a new prop to my studio.  Enter photo overload.  🙂

*There’s 11 days left until Valentine’s Day.  Contact me to get your gift certificate for some lovely photos of your “precious daughters” (or sons, significant others, etc.).  I’m just going to tell it to you straight – flowers die and chocolate makes you fat, but photos are priceless.  🙂 fb6fb8fb9fb10fb11

Nearing the end of our studio fun "Florence" appeared.
Nearing the end of our studio fun “Florence” appeared.



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