Digh Family’s Annual Spur-of-the-Moment Trip!

If you know my family, you will know that we are always looking for a deal, and we rarely know where we’ll vacation in advance.  Yes, we know when we will start looking for that deal that’s going to send us packing, but where we end up, who knows!  This year we had far less notice than I prefer.  Melvin scoured websites online, and finally found “the one”.  After making the call and getting an even better deal, we were off packing and making arrangements for our dear fish, Blue.  In less than 24 hours, we arrived at North Myrtle Beach for a week of fun and sun!  I’m not a beach person ( I know, I know.  Call me ‘crazy’), but I did thoroughly enjoy this vacation!

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Chloe AKA Miss Personality