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Miss Priss AKA Brynn

Brynn embodies everything girly.  I love seeing her at dance in the leotards she’s chosen complete with the hair style of her choice and dangly earrings.  She’s quite the character! Here’s a glimpse of the fun we had 🙂


Children Session – Hasty

Oh.My.Gosh. Jillian has some beautiful kids!! I smiled the entire time I edited these. They all have such infectious smiles, you can’t help it! Looking forward to photographing this crew again in the fall 🙂



Jeanette is crazy pretty. I’ve had several bookings lately for photos like this, and I love them so much.  Here’s a glimpse of our session. 🙂


Child Portrait Session – Jack Kennedy

Jack and I got along great.  This little man was pretty generous with the eye contact, which is always a huge plus.  His new grin is priceless – I’m so glad the Kennedy family have these images to always remember just how adorable the missing tooth is!  Towards the end of the session, Jack was tired.  […]

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