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Asheville Photographer – Biltmore – Wes & Amanda Are Getting Married!

It’s Thursday, and we have almost made it to the wedding day with no homicides. 😉 Everything is falling into place, and I thought this would be a good day to post a little blurb about the two love birds. First off, Wes is my younger brother. I’m practicing great restraint to not just post a ton of embarrassing childhood photos, and write a few paragraphs of embarrassing stories to get one final jab in before he officially starts his own life. And if you know Wes, you know the pictures are pretty hilarious. 🙂 Instead, I think I will take the sweet route to mix things up a little. Yes, Wes, I can be something other than sarcastic. Consider it another wedding gift. I’m really genuinely happy that you two found each other. I think that you compliment each other really well. I like how you both know how to make light of a situation, and just roll with it. Adaptability. You both have it. That’s so important in relationships. It’s not the smartest or strongest species who survives, it’s the ones who can best adapt (which is also great considering rain is the forecast for your outdoor wedding Saturday. Cue Alanis Morrisette *It’s like raiiinnnn….. Don’t worry guys, I’m not washing my car, so you’ll probably be safe.) I’m excited to see what you two accomplish together in the coming years because I know it will be brilliant. Cheers to the beginning of your new life together full of excitement, happiness, and success. Now to talk about these pictures I’m sharing. They look great, yes? Ok, not so easy to achieve. I love these two, but Wes did pretty much everything he could to sabatoge our efforts for nice pictures. Amanda would be turning it on, while he was making a terrible face without her knowing. It was so funny at first, but then, after an hour I realized he has still has no sense of time, so Amanda and I had to tell him to cut the crap and take a real picture. ha ha I did have to include some of those bloopers towards the end. 🙂 The other set of pictures on here are the first photos I ever took of them together, so thought I would do a little throwback. Hope these photos make you all smile because I’m already looking forward to posting wedding pictures!! fb3fb6fb7

This was or sunflower version of Titanic
This was or sunflower version of Titanic



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